SIMEC Foundation’s mission is to bring smiles to the faces of people in rural areas. Helping someone be self-reliant is nobler than giving them money. If one person in the family is self-sufficient, the whole family is self-sufficient, a country becomes self-reliant when all its regions are self-reliant. Hands-on training is the key to the socio-economic development of women. With that motivation, this training program has been created by the SIMEC Foundation.

SIMEC Foundation has been working steadily since 1998 to ensure the welfare of the country and society. The foundation believes that a country cannot be self-sufficient by leaving women behind. SIMEC Foundation will continue to work tirelessly for the development of women. The ‘Afsana Khanom Sewing Training Centre’ will play an important role in bringing social change by creating employment for women. Skilled women will be able to reduce the poverty of their families to some extent.

Not only the poor, widows, landless, destitute, or freedom fighter family members are covered under this program; hand sewing training is being provided free of charge to women from all walks of life. We believe that all students will be able to arrange self-employment in this four-month training. As trained students can establish themselves in society through their skills and efforts, this program can be considered a necessary initiative in the context of our country.

The efforts and success of the trainers and trainees will act as the main driving forces for the progress of “Afsana Khanom Sewing Training Centre”.

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