Public awareness program

We have been an unfortunate nation since the start. As a nation, we are disadvantaged and economically backward. The biggest reason for this is that social education has not been promoted in our country. The quality of academic education has been or is being modernized in a satisfactory manner, but the establishment of social education is still a matter of time.

Acquiring social knowledge is very important. In order to be socialized and live in harmony with a healthy body and a healthy mind, it is necessary to be educated in social education. Everyone should be aware of their human rights, as well as be careful not to violate the rights of others.

The National Curriculum of Bangladesh does not cover social education. As a result, the nation is always deprived of acquiring social knowledge. Therefore, as a part of the social movement, SIMEC Foundation has undertaken various programs of public awareness programs to provide social education to people. As a part of the program, the organization’s own publication, “Weekly SIMEC,” is being distributed regularly free of cost to people from all walks of life.

We are accelerating this social movement by involving all sorts of people in organizing regular National Day celebrations, rallies, discussions, meetings, seminars, training programs, counseling, public motivation programs, and cleanliness campaigns in educational institutions.

SIMEC Polli for
Women Empowerment

Women's empowerment is a long process that uses various socio-economic strategies to give dignity to women in every sphere of life, by acknowledging including their outstanding and effective roles in family and society.

Through the Sahiya Majeed Scholarship Project, SIMEC Foundation provides scholarships to poor and meritorious girls to prevent them from dropping out so that they can become educated and aware of child marriage.

'Shonim Shaheen Community Clinic' has been established to develop proper awareness about their health, especially menstrual and reproductive health. Recently, necessary plans have been adopted to work on midwifery training and caregiving in this clinic, which will have a far-reaching role for women's wellbeing.

The SIMEC Foundation launched a project named "SIMEC Polli for Women Empowerment" to understand the current skills and needs of women and involve them in sustainable economic activities.

Under this project, SIMEC foundation will form a self-help group (SHG) to provide training to women in tourism-related activities so that they can become financially and culturally empowered.

Weekly SIMEC

As a public awareness program, "Weekly SIMEC" is playing an outstanding role. The weekly publishes news of our progress and development. Furthermore, this newspaper is provided to people every month for free.

One of the special features of "Weekly SIMEC" is that every page is packed with positive news and success stories, unlike mainstream newspapers, which often report excessive amounts of negative incidents.

The paper showcases the progress and success stories of our country, which can bring joy to people. They can shed their disappointment and be inspired to do something productive.

Moreover, in addition to national and international news, this newspaper has an editorial section that exhibits our meaningful incidents and realities. Maybe that's why regular readers of "Weekly SIMEC" are fond of this editorial.

SIMEC Foundation endeavors to change society through social education. Providing social education is the mission and vision of Weekly SIMEC.

Cleanliness Campaign

The Cleanliness Campaign is one of the most important awareness programs of the SIMEC Foundation. The primary goal of this campaign is to make the people of a particular town aware of cleanliness and to make them accustomed to participating in cleaning so that one day they themselves can keep their houses, yards, and town clean all the time and build a neat and clean community.

Creating an awareness about cleanliness is of utmost importance. We often go to various educational institutions and embark on a day-long cleanliness drive to clean the premises of each educational institution. Therefore, let's all be clean together, keep the society clean, and build a neat and clean inhabitance.

Distribution Program

Due to natural disasters, epidemics, and various global economic problems, Bangladesh has been under severe economic pressure in recent years. Sometimes, the prices of daily necessities increase sharply, or there is a shortage of essential goods. In such situations, the middle class and low-income people are the worst affected. SIMEC Foundation aids the people who face problems during national crisis with cash, cooked food, and food ingredients.

Every year, the SIMEC Foundation organizes a food distribution program to help the poor and underprivileged people in society. By delivering food to the homes of middle-class and low-income people, the SIMEC Foundation has become a shining example of humanity.

It establishes a sense of brotherhood among the people of the society, and the relationship between the rich and the poor in the society is strengthened. SIMEC Foundation has been working for a long time to develop a humanitarian spirit among the people of our nation by supporting the underprivileged people.

Winter Cloth
Distribution Program

The lack of winter clothing for low-income people in winter is a national problem. In cities as well as in rural areas, many people suffer a lot due to the lack of winter clothes during winter days. Many people cannot afford to buy new winter clothes to protect them from the cold.

As a result, it becomes difficult for people to survive in winter if the temperature decreases even a little. A lot of people suffer in such situations. SIMEC Foundation considered the perils of the poor and low-income people and took the initiative of distributing winter clothes to disadvantaged people. Through this program, the poor people of the society are benefiting.

This initiative of SIMEC Foundation is inspiring for people of the society. By taking lessons from this program, an educated society can help the destitute people.