The SIMEC Foundation’s most outrageous goal is to increase research opportunities on “Social Education,” particularly in rural Bangladesh, as a means of resolving the socioeconomic crisis. Reliable research findings will be shared across various societal and governmental sectors through action research initiatives. In addition, it has been providing scholarships to facilitate the education rights of poor but meritorious students as part of its service work for more than two decades. Under the management of the foundation, the “SIMEC Institute of Technology” and the “SIMEC Vocational Institute” have begun their educational programs.

Researchers from home and abroad, are continuously conducting multidimensional research regarding science and social sciences in the “International Research Centre” at SIMEC Institute of Technology. With this endeavor, the International Research Centre (IRC) will, in the viewpoint of the SIMEC Foundation, develop proactive research breakthroughs that will foster cooperative partnerships with a wide range of academic institutions and government agencies, ultimately leading to good socio-economic developments in Bangladesh.