One of the many public welfare programs of SIMEC Foundation is the establishment of libraries to disseminate knowledge to the general public. For this purpose, Nagendra Chandra Library was established.

Nagendra Chandra Library has books of different genres and languages for people of all ages, from children to young adults to the elderly. The development of our human resources is essential to achieve the overall betterment of our nation. Libraries nurture a nation’s intellect and preserve its history, heritage, and culture.

By reading books at a library, human morals and mentality can be improved. SIMEC Foundation has presented a unique example to society by establishing a library. Knowledge is enhanced through libraries.

The role of the library in building an enlightened society by freeing it from darkness and superstition is undeniable. The youth of our society can gain social education by reading books.

Books and libraries fulfill our needs for learning, seeking knowledge, and gaining knowledge while providing food for the mind and accompanying lonesome people. SIMEC Foundation’s Nagendra Chandra Library will enrich the minds of our future generation.