Every Muslim must receive religious teachings to acquire an unconditional faith in Islam. It is the duty of every Muslim to receive religious education and put faith in some of the spiritual aspects of Islam. Thus, realizing its importance, the SIMEC Foundation established the “Maulana Ibrahim Center for Religious Learning for the Elders” to spread religious education in society.

Many elderly people in rural areas could not receive religious education due to the lack of time or busyness. One of the objectives of the “Maulana Ibrahim Center for Religious Learning for the Elders” is to provide them with religious or Islamic education. The elderly people are taught Surahs, Qur’anic lessons, Hadith lessons, etc., by trained Maulanas.

Through the Maulana Ibrahim Religious Education Center, the elderly in rural areas can play a significant role in social development by receiving Ilam education or religious education. The elderly will be free of boredom, worries, and loneliness by spending time in this educational center.

This religious education center will be able to prevent people from being associated with various negative aspects of society, such as gossiping. Overall, Maulana Ibrahim Center for Religious Learning for the Elders will play a leading role in building an enlightened society by teaching the morals of Islam to the elderly. Like all the other initiatives of SIMEC Foundation, this religious education center for the elderly will be completely free and run for the development of society.