Shin-Shin Japan Hospital is one of the most notable organizations of the SIMEC Group. Expert doctors and engineers from Japan and Bangladesh have put great effort into establishing this hospital that maintains modern standards and has the latest technology.

Japan-Bangladesh joint venture “Shin-Shin Japan Hospital” has been designed as a model hospital with the aim of providing world-class medical services in Bangladesh using Japanese technology and services.

The hospital is run under the supervision of experienced and expert doctors. Apart from general patients, special ultrasonography of expectant mothers, maternal and child health services, adolescence-related health issues of girls, and various treatments for pre-marital and post-marital issues are provided here for underprivileged patients in rural areas free of charge.

SIMEC Foundation always strives to provide free essential weekly treatment and counseling under ‘Shonim Shaheen Community Clinic’.

Blood Donation Program

May one’s blood save another’s life, and may blood tie souls. SIMEC Foundation, an organization committed to human service, has taken the initiative to save the lives of severely sick patients through a voluntary blood donation program. A bag of blood from a voluntary blood donor can save the life of a dying patient, and the donor faces no risk. The employees of the foundation are working to encourage healthy people aged 18 to 60 years to donate blood and create awareness.

Studies have proven that regular blood donation reduces the risk of heart disease, heart attack, cancer, and other complex diseases. It can increase immunity as well. Therefore, the community clinic project workers are determined to stand by the destitute people by creating awareness among people across the country and creating a list of voluntary blood donors.