The ‘Sahiya-Majid Education Scholarship‘ is named after the late Abdul Majid Sardar and mother late Sahiya Begum, parents of the Chairman of SIMEC Group, eminent social worker and established businessman, Eng Sardar Md Shaheen. It is a completely non-profit, non-political educational project. The main objective of this project is to contribute to the overall development of the education sector in Bangladesh.

Since 1998, Eng. Sardar Md Shaheen has individually executed the Sahiya-Majid Education Scholarship programme, which supports meritorious and impoverished students access to education. SIMEC Foundation started its journey in the beginning of the year 2000. In that same year, SIMEC Incorporation was established. SIMEC Group was not yet established. SIMEC Incorporation has only started to take small steps as a software house.

Since the inception of the SIMEC Foundation, SIMEC Incorporation has provided overall financial support to institutionally manage the timely and important philanthropic activities of the Foundation. Later, SIMEC Foundation was established as an organization of SIMEC Group. Since then, “Sahiya-Majid Education Scholarship” became known as a project of SIMEC Foundation.

This program has been striving to provide quality education to Bangladesh’s rural communities. One of the primary objectives of this project is to create a modern Bangladesh with educated citizens by enlightening the underprivileged rural areas.

List of
Scholarship Recipients