We are all familiar with the phrase ‘Digital Bangladesh,’ which is quite an important phrase. This phrase is known to all in Bangladesh. In the early days, people laughed at this phrase, but not anymore.

Now, ‘Digital Bangladesh’ is a source of great pride for us. In the beginning, people did not understand the magnitude of the word. It is now easy to estimate the impact this program will have in building a developed Bangladesh.

People from cities to villages are now enjoying its benefits. However, the full realization of this program requires a skilled workforce proficient in the use of computers. Computer education should now be compulsory for all, but it is not possible for all the people of Bangladesh to bear the cost of this expensive education.

SIMEC Foundation has endeavored to educate the rural population in computer education. With the aim of providing computer training to the poor but interested people, “Abul Kalam Mandal Computer Training Center,” named after the late Abul Kalam Mandal, was established where students can receive free short and long-term training and employment opportunities.

The program is conducted under the overall supervision of a highly educated volunteer with a Master’s in Computer Engineering. It is our sincere hope that we can play a role in building a Smart Bangladesh.

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